Approaches to sustainable investing: A primer: WealthBT Ep 8

  • 22 Nov 2021

WealthBT Ep 8: Approaches to sustainable investing: A primer 15:11 min Synopsis: Learn to protect and grow your wealth in this monthly Business Times podcast series for affluent individuals, hosted by BT wealth editor Genevieve Cua.  In this eighth episode of WealthBT, wealth editor Genevieve Cua talks about the various investing approaches or strategies that today, fall under the sustainable label. This episode is brought to you by Prudential: Highlights of the conversation (click/tap above): 0:55 Reasons to invest sustainably: helping the climate crisis; mitigating risk; and aligning with personal values 3:06 Approaches as listed by the OECD and GSIA; Genevieve Cua breaks the approaches down one by one 7:06 Fourth approach - understanding thematic ESG that invests in trends or themes expected to drive markets and returns  9:16 Sixth - ESG integration, which is a systematic inclusion of ESG in portfolio construction 9:57 Seventh - engagement and shareholder action which harness shareholder power to drive companies towards sustainability 12:42 Prudential's head of ESG - El Lynn Yeoh - on how investors may evaluate ESG factors alongside their values; and setting risk and return expectations Listen to the previous episode from Oct 25 - brought to you by Prudential - where Genevieve Cua looked at how your investment can make a positive difference to climate change. More about: Prudential's sustainability efforts - Wealth and protection needs - Produced by: Genevieve Cua (, Ernest Luis, Lee Kim Siang Edited by: Howie Lim & Hadyu Rahim Follow Wealth BT podcasts on the 4th Monday of every month and rate us at: Channel: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Google: Website: Feedback to: Do note: All analyses, opinions, recommendations and other information in this podcast are for your general information only. You should not rely on them in making any decision. Please consult a fully qualified financial adviser or professional expert for independent advice and verification. To the fullest extent permitted by law, SPH Media shall not be liable for any loss arising from the use of or reliance on any analyses, opinions, recommendations and other information in this podcast. SPH Media accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever that may result or arise from the products, services or information of any third parties.  Discover more BT podcast series: BT Money Hacks Podcast at: BT Mark To Market Podcast at: BT Podcasts at: #WealthBT See for privacy information.