As the media goes, so goes democracy: Editor Says Ep 6

  • 14 Apr 2021

Editor Says Ep 6: As the media goes, so goes democracy 3:28 mins Synopsis: Every Friday afternoon, senior editors from The Straits Times give their take on the top news of the week, why it matters and what’s next. The Straits Times editor Warren Fernandez says democracy depends on voters to be active, engaged and informed on major issues to make their own decisions. He adds that this should not be outsourced to Big Tech companies - it is the public service mission of trusted media. Produced by: ST Video team and Ernest Luis Edited by: Muhammad Firmann Follow the Editor Says Podcast every Friday afternoon here when you subscribe to The Straits Times' Podcast channel and rate us on your favourite audio apps: Channel: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Google podcasts: Websites: Discover The Straits Times Videos: Feedback to:  --- Discover more niche podcast series by ST and BT below: Follow BT Money Hacks Podcast on: Follow BT Mark To Market Podcast on: Follow Health Check Podcast on: Follow Green Pulse Podcast on: Follow Asian Insider Podcast on: Follow Lunch With Sumiko Podcast on: Follow #PopVultures Podcast on: Follow Life Weekend Picks Podcast on: Follow #GameOfTwoHalves Podcast on: Follow Bookmark This! Podcast on: Follow our shows then, if you like short, practical podcasts! See for privacy information.