Can US-China competition save the planet's environment? - Power Play Ep 1

  • 21 May 2021

Power Play Ep 1: Can US-China competition save the planet's environment?   9:57 mins Synopsis: Once a month, join Charissa Yong and Danson Cheong - ST’s US and China correspondents respectively based in Washington DC and Beijing - as they both look at various facets of the US-China rivalry and its implications for Asia.  They chat about the following: Why scepticism over China's climate ambitions are misplaced (1:06) How the US is balancing competition and cooperation with China on climate change (4:00) Why part of the US view is political as the Biden administration is selling renewable energy as a way to create jobs, since the switch from fossil fuels will cost a lot of jobs (4:27) Why a US and China “race to the top” can strengthen the planet’s climate protection via competition to develop better and cheaper green technologies (6:55) Why Asian countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia involved in coal projects under China's Belt and Road Initiative, might be "called out" or caught in this US-China tussle (7:46) Join Charissa Yong and Danson Cheong as they chat with fellow ST Asian Insiders Bhagyashree Garekar, Nirmal Ghosh, Tan Dawn Wei and Zakir Hussain for this special Clubhouse chat at 8pm-8.45pm on May 25: Follow ST's Power Play articles: Produced by: Charissa Yong (, Danson Cheong ( & Ernest Luis Edited by: Aleemah Basirah Subscribe to our Asian Insider Podcast channel to follow our various shows each week and rate us on your favourite audio apps: Channel: Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts:  Spotify: Website: Feedback to: Read Charissa Yong's stories: Read Danson Cheong's stories: Follow Danson on Twitter: Read & subscribe to the Asian Insider newsletter: Discover Asian Insider Videos: --- Discover more ST podcast series: Green Pulse Podcast: Health Check Podcast: ST Sports Talk Podcast: Life Weekend Picks Podcast: #PopVultures Podcast: Bookmark This! Podcast: Lunch With Sumiko Podcast: Discover BT Podcasts: Follow our shows then, if you like short, practical podcasts! See for privacy information.