Future of flexible work and remaining productive for longer: askST@NLB Ep 3

  • 19 Jun 2020

askST@NLB Ep 3: Future of flexible work and remaining productive for longer 25:20 mins Synopsis: This is the third episode of the askST@NLB podcast series brought to you by the National Library Board. The monthly talks by The Straits Times correspondents were previously held at the Central Public Library but due to Covid-19 safe distancing measures, we are converting the sessions into a podcast series done remotely.  Listen to the correspondents you follow, more intimately, through our podcasts.   For this episode, The Straits Times' manpower correspondent Joanna Seow has two guests. They are Singapore Human Resources Institute president Low Peck Kem and Singapore National Employers Federation executive director Sim Gim Guan. They discuss changes to the working place and working lives, thanks to Covid-19: More workplaces are re-opening but telecommuting is still the default option. What does this mean for employers, workers and jobs? (1:20) How to redesign work for the future? For example, redesigning the recruitment process in Singapore (3:33) Flexi-work arrangements can improve the sustainability of the workforce and enable people to work productively into their later years (5:35) How Covid-19 has woken up some local companies to transform their ways of doing business (8:07) We tackle selected readers' questions: (15:06 onwards) From ST reader Mr Terence Tan: "How do we convince older generation business owners that working from home is a viable option for their workers?" (15:15) From another reader Ms Judy Tan: "What are the best practices to assess the work performance of staff working from home? How can supervisors effectively engage and manage their staff remotely?" (19:15) From reader Mr Rufus Yeo: "One year from now, what would be the most significant change in the job market? Will whatever is happening now, impact on jobs and work-related policies in the next decade? (22:10) Look out for the next episode of askST@NLB podcast series on July 3. Produc