Future of Singapore’s patchwork forest: Green Pulse Ep 43

  • 14 Apr 2021

Green Pulse Ep 43: Future of Singapore’s patchwork forest 18:51 mins Synopsis: The Straits Times analyses the beat of the changing environment, from biodiversity conservation to climate change. Singapore’s forests have come under the spotlight lately, as debates over the fates of the Clementi and Dover forests continue. But these plots are not the first nor last of the country's forests to disappear.  Less than 1 per cent of primary forests now remain in Singapore, mainly in the central nature reserves. Meanwhile, the country continues to lose its secondary forests, with important patches already being cleared to make way for housing in Tengah and more wildlife parks in Mandai, for instance. Development works for the Cross Island MRT line would also see some forested patches being cleared.  In this episode, hear from National University of Singapore biology lecturer N. Sivasothi and ornithologist David Tan on the importance of forest plots all across the island. What do they mean for the country as the world warms and climate changes? And with Singapore’s ambition to transform into a City in Nature, how well would this patchwork of green spaces serve the native animals which also call this island home? Produced by: Audrey Tan (audreyt@sph.com.sg), David Fogarty (dfogarty@sph.com.sg), Ernest Luis, Adam Azlee and Penelope Lee Edited by: Adam Azlee Subscribe to Green Pulse Podcast series and rate us on your favourite audio apps: Channel: https://str.sg/JWaf Apple Podcasts: https://str.sg/JWaY Spotify: https://str.sg/JWag Website: http://str.sg/stpodcasts Feedback to: podcast@sph.com.sg Follow Audrey Tan on Twitter: https://str.sg/JLMB Read her stories: https://str.sg/JLM2 Follow David Fogarty  on Twitter: https://str.sg/JLM6 Read his stories: https://str.sg/JLMu See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.