New National Gallery exhibition spotlights veteran local artists: Life Weekend Picks Ep 125

  • 7 May 2021

Life Weekend Picks Ep 125: New National Gallery exhibition spotlights veteran local artists 9:14 mins Synopsis: Every Thursday, The Straits Times recommends lifestyle and food picks for the coming weekend in Singapore.  In this week's Life Weekend Picks, journalist Toh Wen Li shares more on the new exhibition at National Gallery Singapore, which showcases works by six veteran local artists. (0:22) If you’re a fan of Emmy-winning Disney series Gravity Falls, chances are you will love new film The Mitchells vs The Machines. Film correspondent John Lui shares his quick review. (3:38) Produced by: ST Life desk & ST Video team Edited by: ST Video team and Aleemah Basirah  Subscribe to Life Weekend Picks Podcast for new episodes every Thursday and rate us on your favourite audio apps: Channel: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Google Podcasts: Website: Feedback to: Discover The Straits Times Videos: --- Discover more ST podcast series: Asian Insider Podcast: Green Pulse Podcast: Health Check Podcast: ST Sports Talk Podcast: #PopVultures Podcast: Bookmark This! Podcast: Lunch With Sumiko Podcast: Discover BT Podcasts: Follow our shows then, if you like short, practical podcasts! See for privacy information.