Picking an IP insurer with a good panel of doctors: Health Check Ep 58

  • 21 Apr 2021

Health Check Ep 58: Picking an IP insurer with a good panel of doctors 20:35 mins Synopsis: This is a fortnightly podcast series on Wednesdays by The Straits Times that aims to help you make sense of health matters that affect you.   Many private sector doctors are upset with Integrated Shield plan insurers for maintaining panels of doctors that they call “highly exclusive”. These panels are one of the measures that IP insurers have undertaken in order to reduce their costs, but doctors say that the IP sector created their own problem and should not penalise them for it. Doctors have failed to get on the panel, even though they adhere to the fee benchmarks published by the Ministry of Health.  In this episode, ST senior health correspondent Joyce Teo speaks with Dr Wong Seng Weng, the medical director and consultant medical oncologist at The Cancer Centre, who sits on several IP panels. He shares some tips on how one can go about picking the IP insurer with a good and reasonable panel of doctors. They discuss the following points: Dr Wong's own experience of being selected for such panels (1:30) Why seeing a "non-panel" doctor could hit your pocket more now (7:00) What are correct clinical quality measures? (9:08) How can policy holders tell if the panel provided by an IP insurer is good (11:20) Produced by: Joyce Teo (joyceteo@sph.com.sg), Penelope Lee and Ernest Luis  Edited by: Penelope Lee & Aleemah Basirah Subscribe to Health Check Podcast channel, hear the latest episodes fortnightly on Wednesdays and rate us on your favourite audio apps: Channel: https://str.sg/JWaN Apple Podcasts: https://str.sg/JWRX Spotify: https://str.sg/JWaQ Google Podcasts: https://str.sg/J6Wv  Website: http://str.sg/stpodcasts Feedback to: podcast@sph.com.sg Read Joyce Teo's stories: https://str.sg/JbxN See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.