S1E15: Investing in healthcare via private equity: WealthBT Ep15

  • 27 Jun 2022

Synopsis: Learn to protect and grow your wealth in this monthly Business Times podcast series for affluent individuals, hosted by BT wealth editor Genevieve Cua.  What are the promising investment themes within healthcare? Private equity offers an avenue to invest in promising smaller companies before their value becomes widely recognised. For more insights, Genevieve Cua speaks to Hui Yang Goh, Pictet wealth management’s senior adviser for alternative investments in Asia. This episode is brought to you by Pictet Wealth Management. Highlights (click/tap above):  01:38 The various routes to invest in healthcare, from private to public markets 02:17 2021 was a banner year for returns from the healthcare theme in public and private markets 03:35 Why invest in healthcare at all: Highlighting the growth drivers 06:36 Hui Yang Goh on how PE enables investors to tap into innovation by smaller companies: the opportunities and risks 09:16 What are the most attractive healthcare themes with the greatest potential? 11:34 Investors are nervous about the macro environment. Hui Yang’s insights on the impact on deal valuations broadly and the resilience of healthcare in particular 13:31 Incorporating sustainability and ESG considerations into healthcare PE investments Produced by: Genevieve Cua (gen@sph.com.sg), Howie Lim & Claressa Monteiro Edited by: Howie Lim More about: Biotech – where investors can access the value created by medical innovation https://perspectives.group.pictet/innovation/biotech---where-investors-can-access-the-value-created-by-medica An innovation story: the long-term outlook for health and care https://perspectives.group.pictet/innovation/an-innovation-story--the-long-term-outlook-for-health-and-care Pictet Wealth Management https://asia.group.pictet/wealth-management Follow WealthBT podcasts and rate us at: Channel: http://bt.sg/btwealthbt Apple Podcasts: http://bt.sg/wbAP Spotify: http://bt.sg/wbSP Google: http://bt.sg/wtGO SPH Awedio app: https://www.awedio.sg/ Website: http://bt.sg/wealthbt Feedback to: podcast@sph.com.sg Do note: All analyses, opinions, recommendations and other information in this podcast are for your general information only. You should not rely on them in making any decision. Please consult a fully qualified financial adviser or professional expert for independent advice and verification. To the fullest extent permitted by law, SPH Media shall not be liable for any loss arising from the use of or reliance on any analyses, opinions, recommendations and other information in this podcast. SPH Media accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever that may result or arise from the products, services or information of any third parties.  Discover more BT podcast series: BT Money Hacks Podcast at: https://bt.sg/btmoneyhacks BT Mark To Market Podcast at: http://bt.sg/btmark2mkt BT Podcasts at: http://bt.sg/pcOM PropertyBT at: http://bt.sg/btpropertybt BT Market Focus: http://bt.sg/btmktfocus #BTPodcast See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.