The Crown and all that Diana Drama!: #PopVultures Ep 37

  • 14 Apr 2021

#PopVultures Ep 37: The Crown and all that Diana Drama! 31:15 mins Synopsis: The Straits Times examines the ins and outs of pop culture in the Asian entertainment and Hollywood industries. This week the #PopVultures Jan Lee and Yeo Sam Jo wade into the world of prestige drama - Netflix's hit series The Crown, about the British royal family and the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. In Season Four, its latest season, The Crown covered what everyone was waiting for - the toxic, dramatic and eventually tragic marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Palace insiders and friends of Prince Charles have lambasted Season Four - calling it an inaccurate and unfair version of events. British culture secretary Oliver Dowden even wrote to Netflix, hoping the service would add a disclaimer declaring The Crown as a work of fiction. The #PopVultures recap some of the royal drama and talk about what events in the show made the British royal family so unhappy, and share their own thoughts on the show. They also discuss whether the royal family's reaction to the series triggered a Streisand effect - unintentionally contributing to the popularity or publicising something one intended to hide. Also, Sam Jo imitates Margaret Thatcher! Tune in! Produced by: Jan Lee ( & Yeo Sam Jo ( Edited by: Muhammad Firmann Subscribe to #PopVultures Podcast series and rate us on your favourite audio apps: Channel: Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts:  Spotify:  Website: Feedback to: Follow Jan Lee on Instagram: Read her stories: --- Discover more ST podcast series: Asian Insider Podcast: Green Pulse Podcast: Health Check Podcast: ST Sports Talk Podcast: Life Weekend Picks Podcast: Bookmark This! Podcast: Lunch With Sumiko Podcast: Discover BT Podcasts: Follow our shows then, if you like short, practical podcasts! See for privacy information.