Why bother about asymptomatic Covid-19 cases, says vaccine expert: Health Check Ep 68 (Pt 1)

  • 15 Sep 2021

Health Check Ep 68 (Pt 1): Why bother about asymptomatic Covid-19 cases, says vaccine expert 19:05 mins Synopsis: Every first and third Wednesday of the month, The Straits Times helps you make sense of health matters that affect you. In this episode, ST senior health correspondent Joyce Teo speaks with Prof Ooi Eng Eong from the Duke-NUS Medical School’s Programme in Emerging Infectious Diseases about the current Covid-19 situation and how vaccination will lead us out of this pandemic. He talks about the futility of reporting unlinked or even asymptomatic cases, how Covid herd immunity is a myth, and what we can learn from past dengue outbreaks, and more. Listen to Pt 2: Vaccine expert on combating new Covid variants - https://omny.fm/shows/health-check-1/vaccine-expert-on-combating-new-covid-variants-hea Produced by: Joyce Teo (joyceteo@sph.com.sg), Ernest Luis & Penelope Lee Edited by: Hadyu Rahim & Penelope Lee Subscribe to Health Check Podcast channel, hear the latest episodes every first and third Wednesday of the month and rate us on your favourite audio apps: Channel: https://str.sg/JWaN Apple Podcasts: https://str.sg/JWRX Spotify: https://str.sg/JWaQ Google Podcasts: https://str.sg/J6Wv  Website: http://str.sg/stpodcasts Feedback to: podcast@sph.com.sg Read Joyce Teo's stories: https://str.sg/JbxN --- Discover more ST podcast series: Green Pulse Podcast: https://str.sg/JWaf Health Check Podcast: https://str.sg/JWaN ST Sports Talk Podcast: https://str.sg/JWRE Life Weekend Picks Podcast: https://str.sg/JWa2 #PopVultures Podcast: https://str.sg/JWad Bookmark This! Podcast: https://str.sg/JWas Lunch With Sumiko Podcast: https://str.sg/J6hQ Discover BT Podcasts: https://bt.sg/pcPL Follow our shows then, if you like short, practical podcasts! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.