My Puppet, My Choice: Yarn-Ster by C!puppets

  • 5 May 2020

Look around you. There are many everyday objects that you can use to make your own puppets. With a little imagination and creativity, puppet play at home becomes accessible and enjoyable for all. The best part is... YOU get to decide what puppets C!puppets make! With your choices and input, C!puppets create the puppet and story especially for you. In this edition, find out more about the Yarn Monster puppet. About the artist: C!puppets is made up of three individuals (Auderia Tan, Isabelle Low, and Shirley Sim) who believe that anything can be a puppet. Yes! Anything! They would like to empower their creative little friends to discover the potential of objects that are ‘useless’ and experience the joy of transforming household ‘waste’ into puppets!