S31 有需要的朋友 A Friend In Need

  • 22 Apr 2022

Ever since Covid-19 hit, Sarah has been consistently dealing with depression. Due to her, having family issues as well as having not many friends around her to cope, she slowly drifted apart from her classmates and started to isolate herself. With the situation happening, Sarah couldn’t focus on class and started having difficulties being on time. On the other side of Singapore, Miya, Janet and Ryan were having a time of their life with online games until they realized that Sarah wasn’t acting herself, so they started persuading her for a game of online UNO. At first, Sarah was being weighed down by her feelings but after much persuasion, she gave in to their words and agreed to join for a game. In the end, Sarah managed to triumph over her difficulties and bonded closer to her friends than ever before. When school reopened, Sarah decided to break the cycle by changing her dull clothes for something brighter. She met up with her friends at the school entrance and embrace a new beginning.