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    VIDEO: SEA Games 2015: Synchronised swimmers set sights on gold

    Synchronised swimmers Stephanie Chen, 20, and Crystal Yap, 19, are hoping to make a splash at the SEA Games with a new more circus-like routine. The 2011 silver medallists aim to outdo themselves in the coming Games on home soil. Content:Type=News Sports,Location:Region=Singapore,Keyword:Detail=stephanie chen,Keyword:Detail=crystal yap,Keyword:Detail=synchronised swimming,Keyword:Detail=sea games

    VIDEO: SEA Games 2015: Practice makes perfect

    Judoka Gary Chow, 25, beat the defending Judo champion in the 2013 SEA Games with a counter throw he did not know he executed. The trick, said the eventual silver medallist, was repeating the move so many times in training that it became second nature.. Content:Type=News Sports,Location:Region=Singapore,Keyword:Detail=gary chow,Keyword:Detail=judo,Keyword:Detail=judoka,Keyword:Detail=sea games

    VIDEO: SEA Games 2015: Overcoming pre-games jitters

    A debutant in this SEA Games, Max Ducourneau, 20, always gets butterflies in his stomach before every match. The rugby player takes it all in his stride with some wise words from his father - "Pressure is good for you because if you didn't have pressure, you wouldn't care about how you perform." Content:Type=News Sports,Location:Region=Singapore,Keyword:Detail=max ducourneau,Keyword:Detail=rugby,Keyword:Detail=sea games

    VIDEO: SEA Games 2015: Never too old for gold

    Fencer Lim Wei Wen, 30, took up the sport ten years ago and is considered a late-comer in competitive fencing. However, the former professional gamer does not think his age is a barrier to clinching a gold medal in the coming SEA Games. Content:Type=News Sports,Location:Region=Singapore,Keyword:Detail=lim wei wen,Keyword:Detail=fencing,Keyword:Detail=sea games

    VIDEO: SEA Games 2015: Punching above his weight

    Two-time Games bronze medallist boxer Ridhwan Ahmad, 28, concedes that he is not the most talented boxer out there but he is determined to make it up wth hard work and dedication. Content:Type=News Sports,Location:Region=Singapore,Keyword:Detail=ridhwan ahmad,Keyword:Detail=boxing,Keyword:Detail=boxer,Keyword:Detail=sea games

    VIDEO: SEA Games 2015: The last home run

    Softball player Michelle Koh, 27, is participating in her last SEA Games and she will be giving her best shot to help the team clinch a medal on home soil. Content:Type=News Sports,Location:Region=Singapore,Keyword:Detail=softball,Keyword:Detail=michelle koh,Keyword:Detail=home run,Keyword:Detail=sea games

    VIDEO: ST Sessions: Inch Chua draws inspiration from Pulau Ubin

    When musician Inch Chua decided to live on Pulau Ubin to concentrate on writing, the last thing she expected was to be inspired by the island. The result is her new release, Letters to Ubin. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Keyword:Detail=inch chua,Keyword:Detail=pulau ubin,Keyword:Detail=letters to ubin,Keyword:Detail=st sessions

    VIDEO: ST Sessions: Inch Chua no longer writing about boys

    Admittedly, Inch Chua usually writes about the opposite sex, but after a three-month stay on Pulau Ubin, the musician found the island spirit productive and life changing. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Location:Region=Singapore,Keyword:Detail=inch chua,Keyword:Detail=st sessions,Keyword:Detail=pulau ubin,Keyword:Detail=singer,Keyword:Detail=songwriter,Keyword:Detail=letters to ubin

    VIDEO: ST Sessions: Inch Chua - Mouse Deer

    Inch Chua performs Mouse Deer from her upcoming release Letters to Ubin which was inspired by the sights and the sounds of Pulau Ubin. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Keyword:Detail=st sessions,Keyword:Detail=inch chua,Keyword:Detail=pulau ubin,Keyword:Detail=letters to ubin,Keyword:Detail=singer,Keyword:Detail=songwriter

    VIDEO: ST Sessions: Inch Chua - Dust That Moves

    The song Dust That Moves gives a voice to the very island Inch Chua lived on, a place where she got to know its residents and the rich history.

    VIDEO: News In A Minute: Friday, May 29

    Jover Chew charged with 25 counts of cheating; fees for driving tests to increase from June 1; Tanjong Pagar Railway Station open to public on Vesak Day. Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=jover chew,Keyword:Detail=mobile air,Keyword:Detail=sim lim square,Keyword:Detail=iphone,Keyword:Detail=basic theory,Keyword:Detail=driving tests,Keyword:Detail=tanjong pagar railway station,Keyword:Detail=vesak day

    VIDEO: UK takes hard line on EU reform as Cameron starts European tour

    Prime Minister Cameron says Britain's relationship with the EU is not good enough as he begins European tour. Content:Type=News Business,Location:Region=Europe,Keyword:Detail=david cameron,Keyword:Detail=european union,Keyword:Detail=eu,Keyword:Detail=francoise hollande

    VIDEO: Greece optimistic as G7 gets underway

    As G7 finance ministers and central bank governors begin talks in Dresden on how to revive global growth, the Greek government says it hopes a debt deal will be reached by Sunday. Others, however believe default is imminent. Content:Type=News Business,Location:Region=Europe,Keyword:Detail=greece,Keyword:Detail=g7,Keyword:Detail=economy,Keyword:Detail=central banks

    VIDEO: Protesters demand Fifa president step down

    Protesters took to the streets of Zurich on Thursday to demand the resignation of Fifa president Sepp Blatter. Content:Type=News Sports,Location:Region=Europe,Keyword:Detail=zurich,Keyword:Detail=switzerland,Keyword:Detail=fifa,Keyword:Detail=football,Keyword:Detail=sepp blatter,Content:Category=Football,Keyword:Detail=corruption

    VIDEO: Overcrowded koala colony faces cull

    A colony of koalas in Cape Otway, southern Australia, may have to be culled for the benefit of the colony as a whole because, according to environmental authorities, their food supply is running out. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=koala,Keyword:Detail=colony,Keyword:Detail=faces,Keyword:Detail=cull

    VIDEO: Car bombs kill at least 10 in Baghdad

    Two blasts rock the Baghdad night, killing at least 10 at a pair of five-star hotels. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=bomb,Keyword:Detail=explosion,Keyword:Detail=baghdad,Keyword:Detail=raqi

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    VIDEO: Johnny Depp Could Face 10 Years In Oz Prison

    Following the recent threat to Johnny Depp’s dogs after he smuggled them into Australia, new reports claim that the quirky actor could face up to 10 years in prison for bringing them into the country where he’s filming the latest ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood,keyword:detail=johnnydepp,keyword:detail=pirates

    VIDEO: French Films win big at The Cannes Film Festival

    The 68th annual Cannes Film Festival ended with a bang on Sunday, as the jury, headed by co-presidents Joel and Ethan Coen, handed out the festival's prestigious prizes, including the coveted Palme d'Or for Best Picture. French films won big this year, with Vincent Lindon taking home Best Actor for 'The Measure of a Man'. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,keyword:detail=cannes

    VIDEO: Chris Pratt sorry for future gaffs

    ‘Jurassic World’ actor Chris Pratt has posted a statement online apologising for anything he might accidentally say while on tour promoting his upcoming dino flick. That's right, he's sorry for things he hasn't even done yet. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood,keyword:detail=jurassicworld,keyword:detail=chrispratt

    VIDEO: Charlize Theron works hard to help South Africans in need

    Charlize Theron is currently promoting her most recent movie ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, but she’s also raising awareness for her charity the ‘African Outreach Project’. Which aims to eradicate the AIDS epidemic in Africa and educate the children there how to be safe against it. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood,keyword:detail=charlizetheron

    VIDEO: Cannes Film Festival 2015: Week 1 Wrap-Up

    The first week of the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival has come to an end. Let's take a look back at the biggest news to come out of the prestigious fest so far this year. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood,keyword:detail=cannes,keyword:detail=film

    VIDEO: Reese Witherspoon to Star in Disney's Live-Action Tinker Bell Movie

    Reese Witherspoon is about to add another massive project to her long list of work as she’s reportedly in talks to produce and star in ’Tink’, a live action adaptation of the classic ‘Peter Pan’ character Tinker Bell. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood,keyword:detail=witherspoon,keyword:detail=reese,keyword:detail=tink,keyword:detail=peterpan

    VIDEO: Birthday: Ian McKellen

    On the 25th of May, legendary British actor Sir Ian McKellen celebrates his birthday! content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=UK,keyword:detail=iammckellen,keyword:detail=birthday

    VIDEO: Cate Blanchett: I don't set myself out to be a role model

    Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett goes against the grain of the typical Hollywood actress. She does not hesitate to speak out about women being objectified in the media. Yet, she does not consider herself a role model for women. Find out what she thinks women should do to empower themselves. content:type=Entertainment,content:category=Movies,location:region=World,keyword:detail=cate blanchett,content:group=RazorPop

    VIDEO: Cate Blanchett hopes her daughter won't run away

    Australian actress Cate Blanchett recently welcomed a new addition to the family, baby Edith, whom she adopted this year. Cate and her husband have three sons, aged 13, 10 and 6. Find out how she copes with being outnumbered by men in the family, and why she hopes her daughter won't run away. content:type=Entertainment,location:region=World,content:category=Movies,content:group=RazorPop,keyword:detail=cate blanchett,keyword:detail=SKII

    VIDEO: Production Begins on Fear the Walking Dead

    Take an early look at the set of Fear the Walking Dead with Executive Producers Dave Erickson, Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, and Greg Nicotero. Fear the Walking Dead premieres this summer on AMC. content:type=movies and entertainment,content:category=TV,location:region=Hollywood,keyword:detail=walkingdead,keyword:detail=fear

    VIDEO: The LionCityBoy does it for the 65

    The LionCityBoy shares his experience on working with veteran local musicians like Jeremy Monteiro and Rani Singnam. He also explains how he is injecting his brand of rap into a jazz piece titled, Love, Sing which commemorates SG50. content:type=Entertainment,content:category=Local,content:category=Music,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=SG50,content:group=RazorPop

    VIDEO: Jimmy Ye's comeback year

    Jimmy Ye is back! 2015 will see the songwriter-singer return to the mic alongside a slew of projects. We find out what fans can expect in his comeback year. He also shares candidly on his collaboration experience with The Sam Willows. content:type=Entertainment,content:category=Local,content:category=Music,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=SG50,keyword:detail=jimmy ye,content:group=RazorPop

    VIDEO: Mad Max is back!

    What a lovely day... Mad Max: Fury Road is finally on its way. It's been 30 years since we last saw Mel Gibson's macho road warrior named Max Rockatansky walked the Earth in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome in 1985. Mad Max: Fury Road is the fourth instalment with Tom Hardy taking over the lead as Max. The films opens in Singapore May 14 Content:Type=Entertainment,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=Movies,Keyword:Detail=MAD MAX,Keyword:Detail=Tom Hardy,Keyword:Detail=Charlize Theron,Keyword:Detail=Nicholas Hoult,Keyword:Detail=George Miller,Keyword:Detail=Mad Max: Fury Road

    VIDEO: Jackie Chan appointed as Singapore's anti-drug ambassador

    Hong Kong superstar, Jackie Chan was in Singapore's on Thursday (May 7) new anti-drug ambassador and made a special appearance at Nanyang Polytechnic. He said he felt more compelled to take on this role because his family was also a victim to drugs. Hi son, Jaycee, was released from jail in February after serving a six-month jail sentence for drug offences in 2014. Chan said: "I am shocked that this happened to my own family. I feel ashamed and my heart hurts. I will do my best to help others now." He said his son was afraid to face the media and the world and was in hiding. Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=General,Content:Category=Education,Keyword:Detail=Jackie Chan,Keyword:Detail=anti-drug ambassador,Keyword:Detail=Jaycee,Keyword:Detail=Nanyang Polytechnic,Keyword:Detail=drugs

    VIDEO: Star-studded local album pays tribute to S'pore

    Local veteran artistes join hands with young up-and-coming talents in a five-song album Sing, Love, produced by composer Ruth Ling. As an SG50 "gift to Singapore", the album will feature well-known stars like Stefanie Sun, Jeremy Monteiro, Jimmy Ye, Corinne May, and xinyao giant Liang Wern Fook, as well as well young artistes like TheLionCityBoy, Shiggay Shay, Joanna Dong and Sezeri Sezali. The album will be available for free download when it launches. content:type=Entertainment,content:category=Local,content:category=Music,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=singlove,keyword:detail=stefaniesun

    VIDEO: Starlight by Sezairi Sezali and Joanna Dong

    Homegrown singers Joanna Dong and Sezairi Sezali join hands in duet Starlight, one of the five songs in star-studded local album Sing, Love. The catchy Mandarin-Malay ditty sung was written by songwriter Chen Jia Ming, Ruth Ling and Sezairi Sezali. content:type=Entertainment,content:category=Local,content:category=Music,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=singlove

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    VIDEO: Japanese Izakaya with a twist (New Noms Ep 3)

    The traditional Japanese Izakaya goes urban with this concept new at the Neon Pigeon, which has come to roost at Keong Saik. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=new noms,keyword:detail=food

    VIDEO: Gwyneth Paltrow launches line of organic ready meals

    Gwyneth Paltrow has become just as famous for her lifestyle brand as she is for her acting, but now she’s entered into the catering business, making her latest venture ‘3 Green Hearts’, which is a line of gluten-free organic ready meals. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood,keyword:detail=gwyneth,keyword:detail=paltrow

    VIDEO: So Shiok! Tasty bentos under 450 calories

    Unhappy with the unhealthy eating choices in Singapore, best friends Charles Ng and Dionis Chiua set up Lean Bento in Raffles Place selling low-caloried healthy meals that promise not to stint on taste. Find out if the So Shiok team gets won over by the guilt-free eating concept. content:type=Lifestyle,location:region=Singapore,content:category=Food,keyword:detail=so shiok!,keyword:detail=shiok,keyword:detail=food

    VIDEO: Japan's fox village

    If you love cute, furry animals, a trip to Japan's fox village should be on your agenda. Take a peek here. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Travel,location:region=Global,keyword:detail=japan,keyword:detail=fox,keyword:detail=animals

    VIDEO: Dine like Korean royalty at Guksu (New Noms Ep 2)

    Originally a dish for Korean nobility and members of the royal court, anyone can now enjoy jeongol, an elaborate stew or casserole similar to the more popularly known jjigae in Korean cuisine. While jjigae was a simpler dish for commoners, and generally made with only a single main ingredient (for example, kimchi jjigae or sundubu jjigae), jeongol usually contaisn a variety of main ingredients including top-quality meats, vegetables, pastes and sauces. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=new noms,keyword:detail=guksu

    VIDEO: So Shiok! Sandwich Saigon

    The So Shiok team visited Sandwich Saigon where we try their famous Bánh Mì sandwiches, traditional baguette sandwiches that can be commonly found in Vietnam. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=so shiok,keyword:detail=shiok,keyword:detail=food

    VIDEO: Think You Know Local "In" Lingo?

    Do you know what "bae" means? This - and some other head-scratching slang terms - are phrases that our local teenagers use freely in their conversations, online and in real life. Put your own knowledge of Singaporean "in" lingo to the test, and surprise yourself. content:type=Lifestyle,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=think you know,keyword:detail=TYK

    VIDEO: My daughter, Jillian Lim (DJ Mother's Day Special)

    What was one FM 91.3 DJ Jillian Lim like when she was a kid? Straightforward and transparent mother-daughter pair, Jill and Sheila bare all about their relationship. content:type=Lifestyle,keyword:detail=DJ Mother's Day Special,keyword:detail=DJ,location:region=Singapore,content:category=Music,keyword:detail=jillian lim,keyword:detail=one fm,keyword:detail=91.3

    VIDEO: Does Jill know her mum? (DJ Mother's Day Special)

    A test was sprung on Jill to find out how well she knows her mother. She reveals her mum's most embarrassing moment, and first love! keyword:detail=jillian lim,keyword:detail=one fm,keyword:detail=91.3,content:category=Music,keyword:detail=DJ,keyword:detail=DJ Mother's Day Special,location:region=Singapore,content:type=Lifestyle

    VIDEO: My daughter, Charmaine Yee (DJ Mother's Day Special)

    Kiss 92 DJ Charmaine Yee reveals a side of her she has never let anyone see on camera. Get to know Charmaine and her mum's loving relationship, through the ups and downs of their lives. content:type=Lifestyle,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=DJ Mother's Day Special,keyword:detail=DJ,keyword:detail=charmaine yee,keyword:detail=kiss 92,content:category=Music

    VIDEO: Does Charmaine know her mum? (DJ Mother's Day Special)

    When asked about her mum's secret idol, Charmaine was surprised to find out that both she and her mother shared the same thoughts. Watch on to find out if Charmaine passes the test on how well she knows her mother. content:type=Lifestyle,keyword:detail=DJ Mother's Day Special,keyword:detail=DJ,keyword:detail=charmaine yee,keyword:detail=kiss 92,location:region=Singapore,content:category=Music

    VIDEO: My daughter Melody Chen (DJ Mother's Day Special)

    Get up close and personal with Melody Chen and her mum in this exclusive Mother's Day Special interview. Despite being yin and yang, one FM 91.3 DJ Melody Chen, confesses that her mother's forgiving nature has brought her up to be who she is today. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Music,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=DJ,keyword:detail=melody chen,keyword:detail=DJ Mother's Day Special,keyword:detail=91.3,keyword:detail=one FM

    VIDEO: Does Melody Chen know her mum? (DJ Mother's Day Special)

    How well does Melody know her mum? The 91.3 DJ is put to the test in this simple quiz. Did she pass? Watch to find out. content:type=Lifestyle,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=DJ Mother's Day Special,keyword:detail=DJ,keyword:detail=melody chen,keyword:detail=91.3,keyword:detail=one fm,content:category=Music

    VIDEO: Meat lovers' delight (New Noms Ep 1)

    Part bar, part upmarket restaurant, Oxwell & Co.'s mouth watering gastrobar menu is a notch above your regular pub grub. Bring a meat-loving friend - or two - if you're game to try their signature Cape Grim Porterhouse steak. content:type=Lifestyle,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=new noms,content:category=Food

    VIDEO: AsiaOne People's Choice Awards 2015 honours the best brands and services

    Into its 7th year, the AsiaOne People's Choice awards introduced two new categories - Best Online Retailer and Best Brunch Restaurant - this year. Find out who the winners are plus - AsiaOne reveals some new offerings. content:type=Lifestyle,location:region=Singapore

    VIDEO: Celebrity Chow - Joshua Simon

    ONE FM radio jock Joshua Simon has a birthday resolution. The mohawk-haired local DJ-musician, who will turn 25 in June, told M over lunch last Thursday: “My goal is to be in the best shape I’ve ever been. “I want to be more muscular. I want to fit into clothes I want to wear. I want to feel good in my skin.” With a laugh, he added: “It’s a quarter-life crisis.” That explains why he’s having Half Roasted Chicken at Western diner Collin’s Grille Bento at King George’s Avenue. “Protein is important. I consume a lot of chicken breast,” he said. Keyword:Detail=One FM,Keyword:Detail=dj,Keyword:Detail=celebrity chow,Content:Category=Food & Wine,Keyword:Detail=joshua simon,Keyword:Detail=celeb chow,Keyword:Detail=makan,Keyword:Detail=the new paper,Content:Category=M,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Type=Lifestyle

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    VIDEO: Lifestyles of the Young & Fabulous

    Joshua Tan, Jeffrey Xu and Joyce Chu - the young stars of upcoming local movie, Young and Fabulous - share their "young and fabulous" lives with us. content:type=Entertainment,content:category=Local,content:category=Movies,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=yougn and fabulous ,keyword:detail=joshua tan,keyword:detail=jeffrey xu,keyword:detail=joyce chu,content:group=RazorPop

    VIDEO: Gurmit's Young and Fabulous Years

    Local actor Gurmit Singh reveals that despite growing up in a poor family, his teenage years left some indescribably fulfilling memories. Him and actress Quan Yi Fong also share their candid thoughts on being modern parents. content:type=Entertainment,location:region=Singapore,content:category=Local,content:category=Movies,keyword:detail=young and fabulous,keyword:detail=gurmit singh ,content:group=RazorPop,keyword:detail=quan yifeng

    VIDEO: Park Seo Joon fashion photo shoot

    Korean actor/model Park Seo Jun carries off the chic and stylish look with ease at his fashion photo shoot for BNT. Location:Region=Korea,Keyword:Detail=park seo jun,Keyword:Detail=korean,Keyword:Detail=kdrama,Keyword:Detail=korea,content:type=BNT News International,content:category=K-pop,location:region=Korea

    VIDEO: Song Ji Eun fashion photo shoot

    Song Ji Eun of girl group Secret is looking sweet and sassy in her BNT fashion shoot. The singer recently released her very first solo mini album titled, 25. location:region=Korea,content:category=K-pop,content:type=BNT News International,Keyword:Detail=kpop,Keyword:Detail=song ji eun,Keyword:Detail=secret,Location:Region=Korea

    VIDEO: Yang Dong Geun's BNT fashion photo shoot

    Korean actor/hip hop artist Yang Dong Geun plays it cool at hois BNT fashion photo shoot. content:type=BNT News International,content:category=K-pop,location:region=Korea,keyword:detail=kpop,keyword:detail=korea

    VIDEO: Hong Soo-Ah's BNT fashion photoshoot

    Hong Soo-Ah's BNT fashion photoshoot content:type=BNT News International,content:category=K-pop,content:category=girl bands,location:region=Korea

    VIDEO: The Astronomer - Singaporean of the Day

    Singaporean of the day - Jin Peng has been fascinated with astronomy since he was a child. He took his interest further by setting up the Galaxy Astronomy Club, while also helping to set up an observatory at the Woodlands Galaxy Community Club. This is Jin Peng. content:type=singaporeanoftheday,content:category=people,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=science

    VIDEO: The Paralympic Medalist - Singaporean of the Day

    Singaporean of the Day - Laurentia Tan only started horse riding as a form of physiotherapy. Embracing a relentless spirit, she overcame all odds and emerged victorious in the Paralympics. This is Laurentia Tan. content:type=singaporeanoftheday,content:category=home,content:category=people,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=sports

    VIDEO: The Pioneer - Singaporean of the Day

    Singaporean of the day - Mr Ting Chong Teng is the founder of Ponggol Seafood restaurant. He worked as a seaman, factory supervisor and took up additional jobs as a taxi driver to provide for the family. His is one of the many pioneers of Singapore who built a home for generations to come. This is Mr Ting Chong Teng. content:type=singaporeanoftheday,content:category=home,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=food

    VIDEO: The Greatest Gift - Singaporean of the Day

    Singaporean of the Day - Stella is a bone marrow donor and Stacey is a Leukaemia survivor. They are connected through a most precious act of giving - a gift of life between two complete strangers. This is Stella and Stacey. content:type=singaporeanoftheday,content:category=people,location:region=Singapore

    VIDEO: How to Grow Vegetables at Home

    Learn how to grow your own vegetables from our expert at Singapore Botanic Gardens! content:type=Nparks,content:category=do it yourself,content:category=fruits and vegetables,content:category=tips,location:region=Singapore

    VIDEO: Commemorating 50 years of Greening Singapore Music Video

    To commemorate 50 years of Greening Singapore, we specially produced this MTV to reach out to more Singaporeans to enjoy and appreciate the greenery in our City in a Garden! We would like to thank many people who have volunteered for this project including local singer & songwriter Lorraine Tan (song, lyrics, vocal), popular Singaporean Youtube personalities Dr Jiajia & Big Bro, local actress Paige Chua, and many sponsors who have come on board to make this possible. content:type=Nparks,content:category=outdoor,content:category=parks and gardens,location:region=Singapore

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    VIDEO: Exercise Northstar 9

    The Singapore Civil Defence Force held their annual Northstar exercise codenamed exercise Northstar 9 on May 9. The exercise simulated a terrorist attack at the Sports Hub involving 15 agencies, 600 officers. Some 1,300 volunteers also participated as casualties and spectators. Content:Category=General,Location:Region=Singapore,Keyword:Detail=simulation,Keyword:Detail=shooting,Keyword:Detail=explosions,Keyword:Detail=SCDF,Keyword:Detail=northstar,Content:Type=News Singapore

    VIDEO: So Shiok! Tasty bentos under 450 calories

    Unhappy with the unhealthy eating choices in Singapore, best friends Charles Ng and Dionis Chiua set up Lean Bento in Raffles Place selling low-caloried healthy meals that promise not to stint on taste. Find out if the So Shiok team gets won over by the guilt-free eating concept. content:type=Lifestyle,location:region=Singapore,content:category=Food,keyword:detail=so shiok!,keyword:detail=shiok,keyword:detail=food

    VIDEO: What's driving oil price strength?

    CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis reports oil prices are moving higher on data of last week's crude oil inventories. content:type=cnbc,content:category=Oil,location:region=World

    VIDEO: Waterskiing with Team Singapore's Mark Leong and Kalya Kee

    Waterskiiers Mark Leong and Kalya Kee, who will be reperesenting Singapore at the SEA Games in June, give us the lowdown on what goes on during two of the sport's three events. Keyword:Detail=sea games 2015,Keyword:Detail=team singapore,Keyword:Detail=water sports,Keyword:Detail=waterskiing,Content:Type=News Sports

    VIDEO: How important is China's debt-swap plan

    Chris Konstantinos, director of International Portfolio Management at RiverFront Investment Group, explains why the municipal-bonds-for-debt swap is a welcome move. content:type=cnbc,content:category=Wealth and the economy,location:region=Asia,keyword:detail=china,keyword:detail=debt

    VIDEO: Retirees still "working" to help others

    They might past their prime, with ailments that come with age, but Madam Lo Khuen Neong, 82, Madam Maywaddy, 68, and Mr Toh Weng Kai, 80, are more than willing to help those in need. Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Keyword:Detail=elderly,Keyword:Detail=volunteers,Keyword:Detail=willing hearts

    VIDEO: Thai officers find makeshift human trafficking camp

    Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=SE Asia,Keyword:Detail=thailand,Keyword:Detail=myanmar,Keyword:Detail=rohingyas,Keyword:Detail=human trafficking,Keyword:Detail=camp

    VIDEO: News In A Minute: Thursday, May 21

    Man who drove with friend clinging to windscreen fined, Singapore Airlines unveils new Premium Economy class, and LionsXII ready for Malaysian FA Cup final. Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Keyword:Detail=windscreen,Keyword:Detail=singapore airlines,Keyword:Detail=sia,Keyword:Detail=sq,Keyword:Detail=premium economy class,Keyword:Detail=lionsxii,Keyword:Detail=malaysian fa cup,Keyword:Detail=kelantan

    VIDEO: South Korea 'nut rage' woman freed

    Former Korean Air Lines executive Heather Cho is freed after a court suspends the sentence she was given for her outburst over the way she was served nuts. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Asia,Keyword:Detail=south korea,Keyword:Detail=heather cho,Keyword:Detail=korean airlines,Keyword:Detail=nut rage

    VIDEO: We tested the Oppo R5 to see if it really smashes!

    Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=Oppo, R5, test,

    VIDEO: News In A Minute: Friday, May 22

    Today's top news headlines: Training for Sim Lim Square retailers, public discussions on revamping HDB towns, and employer hit and burn domestic worker. Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Keyword:Detail=sim lim square,Keyword:Detail=retailers,Keyword:Detail=hdb,Keyword:Detail=revamp,Keyword:Detail=toa payoh,Keyword:Detail=woodlands,Keyword:Detail=pasir ris,Keyword:Detail=maid abuse

    VIDEO: Koalas debut at Singapore zoo

    The Singapore zoo welcomed four furry additions to their family - koalas Chan, Idalia, Paddle and Pelita. Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Keyword:Detail=singapore zoo,Keyword:Detail=koalas,Keyword:Detail=australia

    VIDEO: Blaze at Bedok North: 6 motorcycles on fire

    A blaze broke out at an open carpark at Bedok North on Saturday (May 2), involving six motorcycles. More at http://www.tnp.sg Video courtesy of TNP reader Nicholas Loo. The New Paer Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=fire,Keyword:Detail=bedok north,Keyword:Detail=motorcycle,Keyword:Detail=scdf

    VIDEO: Actors discuss explicit nudity in Gaspar Noe's latest flick

    Director Gaspar Noe presents his version of 'Love' at the Cannes Film Festival, which shows sexual couplings in 3D. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Location:Region=Europe,Content:Category=Movies,Keyword:Detail=cannes film festival,Keyword:Detail=gaspar noe,Keyword:Detail=love,Keyword:Detail=director,Keyword:Detail=explicit,Keyword:Detail=nudity

    VIDEO: Celeb Chow with Hossan Leong

    Local comedian and entrepreneur Hossan Leong is set to tickle our funnybone in new cabaret revue Dim Sum Dollies - The History of Singapore Part 1. It seemed apt, then, to ask the youthful-looking 45-year-old what dish he’d pick to best represent the history of our local food culture. Over lunch with M last Thursday at his favourite dining haunt, mezza9 restaurant at Grand Hyatt Singapore, Leong shook his head when this reporter suggested the iconic chilli crab. “I don’t think so. If you’re allergic to seafood, how to eat?” he mused. “Rojak would be my choice. It’s a very nice melange of the different sort of tastes we have. “All cultures in Singapore can enjoy rojak. It doesn’t have pork, neither does it have beef. It’s vegetarian, almost like a salad. It’d only be a problem if you are allergic to nuts.” Content:Type=Lifestyle,Keyword:Detail=celeb chow,Keyword:Detail=makan,Keyword:Detail=hossan leong

    VIDEO: Dwayne Johnson aims for Fast And Furious spinoff

    Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has recently confirmed that he’ll be returning for the eighth instalment in the high octane ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise. content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood,keyword:detail=therock,keyword:detail=furious7,keyword:detail=dwayne,content:type=cover media