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    VIDEO: askST: How to add a shortcut to your smartphone homescreen

    Save time by adding your most visited websites to your smartphone homescreen with a few simple taps. Shortcuts to these sites appear like app icons which lead you directly to your favourite sites. Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=iphone,Keyword:Detail=andriod,Keyword:Detail=homescreen,Keyword:Detail=websites,Keyword:Detail=shortcut

    VIDEO: Turning Point: Epileptic finds solace in art

    She had seizures when pregnant and was diagnosed with epilepsy after falling into depression. Find out how Naserimah uses art to turn her life around.  Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=it changed my life,Keyword:Detail=epilepsy,Keyword:Detail=epileptic,Keyword:Detail=naserimah

    VIDEO: News In A Minute: Friday, April 15

    Today's top news headlines: The COE supply for May to July will rise by 15 per cent, an Indonesian official said there is 'zero chance' that haze like last year will strike Singapore, and giant pandas Jia Jia and Kai Kai attempt to produce a baby again. Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=coe,Keyword:Detail=certificate of entitlement,Keyword:Detail=haze,Keyword:Detail=hot spots,Keyword:Detail=giant pandas,Keyword:Detail=jia jia,Keyword:Detail=kai kai,Keyword:Detail=river safari,Keyword:Detail=wildlife reserves singapore

    VIDEO: Canada drafts law to allow assisted suicide

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government unveils draft legislation on doctor-assisted suicide, which would apply to adults suffering incurable illness or disability. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Americas,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=canada,Keyword:Detail=justin trudeau,Keyword:Detail=assisted suicide

    VIDEO: US condemns Russian bombers that flew close to ships

    The US says Secretary of State John Kerry has condemned Russian jets that flew close to a US ship, calling the actions 'dangerous' and 'provocative'. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Americas,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=russia,Keyword:Detail=usa,Keyword:Detail=john kerry

    VIDEO: Construction starts on Disney's Star Wars Land

    Just over four years since the world learned that Disney was buying Star Wars, Disney is breaking ground on Star Wars Land attractions in both California and Florida. Disney has had to permanently close a lot of Big Thunder attractions to make way for Star Wars, but judging by the photo Disney released today, the new attraction will be worth it. The Star Wars expansion is the biggest themed-expansion Disney World and Disneyland have ever seen. So far, there is no official opening date for the Star Wars Land attractions. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Americas,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=disneyland,Keyword:Detail=disney world,Keyword:Detail=star wars land,Keyword:Detail=george lucas

    VIDEO: BP investors oppose $19m CEO pay deal

    Shareholders voted against Chief Executive Bob Dudley's $19.4 million pay deal for 2015, a rare investor revolt reflecting outrage after the British energy company recorded its biggest annual loss. Content:Type=News World,Content:Category=General,Location:Region=Europe,Keyword:Detail=bp,Keyword:Detail=petroleum,Keyword:Detail=bob dudley,Keyword:Detail=salary

    VIDEO: That 1 thing: Fighting against terrorism

    The Straits Times Crime and Courts reporter Danson Cheong shares one thing that stood out for him in the Ministry of Home Affairs' Committee of Supply debate in Parliament. Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=budget 2016 debate,Keyword:Detail=commitee of supply,Keyword:Detail=home affairs ministry,Keyword:Detail=danson cheong,Keyword:Detail=the straits times

    VIDEO: News In A Minute: Wednesday, April 6

    New programme to protect children of divorcing couples; Man arrested in connection with Circuit Road death; COE bidding closes mixed. Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=divorce,Keyword:Detail=family justice court,Keyword:Detail=circuit road,Keyword:Detail=coe,Keyword:Detail=certificate of entitlement

    VIDEO: US Usher's Syndrome girl meets pope, parents hope for 'miracle'

    A five-year-old American girl who doesn't know she is going blind meets Pope Francis as part of her parents' 'visual bucket list' to show her special people and things while she can still see. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=pope francis,Keyword:Detail=elizabeth myers,Keyword:Detail=usher's syndrome,Keyword:Detail=catholic church

    VIDEO: Panama Papers lawyer: 'We're the victims'

    The founding partner of the law firm at the centre of the Panama Papers row says the leaked information has been taken out of context. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=panama papers,Keyword:Detail=mossack fonseca,Keyword:Detail=ramon fonseca,Keyword:Detail=tax haven,Keyword:Detail=offshore companies

    VIDEO: Panama Papers spark tax haven debate

    France plans to put Panama back on its blacklist of tax havens in the wake of the Panama Papers affair. It's left other tax havens scrambling to show their transparency. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=panama papers,Keyword:Detail=tax haven,Keyword:Detail=mossack fonseca,Keyword:Detail=offshore companies

    VIDEO: UK opens talks for Tata steel deal

    The British government has opened talks with potential buyers for Tata Steel UK's operations, including Sanjeev Gupta's commodities company Liberty Group. Content:Type=News Business,Keyword:Detail=british government,Keyword:Detail=tata steel,Keyword:Detail=liberty group,Keyword:Detail=steel making plant

    VIDEO: Janet Jackson alludes to pregnancy in decision to halt tour

    Janet Jackson announces she's delaying her world tour on 'doctor's orders', leading to rumours the singer is pregnant. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Keyword:Detail=janet jackson,Keyword:Detail=world tour,Keyword:Detail=pregnant,Keyword:Detail=unbreakable world tour

    VIDEO: Country star Merle Haggard dies at 79

    Country musician Merle Haggard, who emerged from prison to become the poetic voice of the working man, dies on his 79th birthday Content:Type=Lifestyle,Keyword:Detail=country singer,Keyword:Detail=merle haggard,Keyword:Detail=country music,Keyword:Detail=okie from muskogee

    VIDEO: Charlie Sheen under police investigation for alleged threat to have ex-fiancee murdered

    Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department's threat management squad have opened a criminal investigation of actor Charlie Sheen. Police disclosed little else about the investigation Wednesday, which LAPD spokesman Officer Mike Lopez said began with a complaint lodged against the actor on March 31st. Sheen pleaded guilty in August 2010 to assaulting his then-wife, Brooke Mueller, during a Christmas Day argument in Aspen, Colorado. The troubled actor, who revealed on national television that he is HIV positive, was sentenced to 30 days in a drug and alcohol treatment centre in California. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Keyword:Detail=charlie sheen,Keyword:Detail=ex-fiancee,Keyword:Detail=lapd,Keyword:Detail=hiv positive,Keyword:Detail=brooke mueller

    VIDEO: News In A Minute: Monday, April 4

    Health Gan Kim Yong says naming individuals in the Hepatitis C outbreak will develop a ‘blame culture’, a security officer is charged with hurting three Madrasah students and ACRES appeals for help finding an injured otter. Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=gan kim yong,Keyword:Detail=hepatitis c outbreak,Keyword:Detail=singapore general hospital,Keyword:Detail=health ministry,Keyword:Detail=moh,Keyword:Detail=ministry of health,Keyword:Detail=madrasah students,Keyword:Detail=acres,Keyword:Detail=injured otter,Keyword:Detail=fish hook

    VIDEO: Budget 2016: Our Singapore Fund

    The Our Singapore Fund will be set up by the second half of 2016 with a size of up to $25 million. Here are five SG50 funded projects for inspiration. Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=budget 2016,Keyword:Detail=heng swee keat,Keyword:Detail=singapore fund

    VIDEO: A walk through the MacRitchie forest

    Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=macritchie reservoir,Keyword:Detail=macritchie nature reserve,Keyword:Detail=macritchie forest,Keyword:Detail=love our macritchie forest,Keyword:Detail=guided walks,Keyword:Detail=david tan

    VIDEO: Turning Point: Businessman soldiers on after son's death

    Born and raised in Chinatown, timber merchant Thomas Tham was deep into his hair transplant business until the death of his son brought things to a standstill. Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=thomas tham,Keyword:Detail=hair synergy,Keyword:Detail=it changed my life

    VIDEO: #Trending: Where is Seve Gat now?

    Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=trending,Keyword:Detail=daryl chin,Keyword:Detail=sevelyn gat,Keyword:Detail=whereissevegatsnow,Keyword:Detail=uncle toh,Keyword:Detail=toh kia hing

    VIDEO: Brussels airport chief: renewed flights a sign of hope

    A section of Belgium's main airport is open again in what its chief executive calls a sign of hope, nearly two weeks after its departure hall was destroyed by suicide bombers in attacks that claimed 32 lives. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=brussels airport,Keyword:Detail=belgium,Keyword:Detail=reopens,Keyword:Detail=suicide bombers,Keyword:Detail=islamic state,Keyword:Detail=passenger flight

    VIDEO: Clinton, Sanders vie to be anti-Trump candidate

    US Democratric presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are tussling in Wisconsin over who would best take on Republican front-runner Donald Trump. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=us presidential election,Keyword:Detail=democratic presidential candidate,Keyword:Detail=bernie sanders,Keyword:Detail=hillary clinton,Keyword:Detail=donald trump,Keyword:Detail=republican presidential candidate,Keyword:Detail=democrats

    VIDEO: Two killed, dozens injured in Amtrak derailment

    At least 35 were injured and two killed when an Amtrak passenger train collided with a backhoe in Chester, Pennsylvania. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=amtrak,Keyword:Detail=train derailment,Keyword:Detail=united states

    VIDEO: Syrian government forces retake town near Palmyra

    Syrian government forces drive Islamic State militants out of the town of al-Qaryatain, which Syrian media calls a strategic victory that secures important oil and gas routes and disrupts Islamic State supply routes within the country. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=syria,Keyword:Detail=palmyra,Keyword:Detail=russian backed forces,Keyword:Detail=al-qaryatain,Keyword:Detail=islamic state,Keyword:Detail=bashar al-assad

    VIDEO: Japan submarine visits the Philippines

    A Japanese training submarine and escort warships make a port call to the Philippines in a show of strengthening military ties. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=japan,Keyword:Detail=the philippines,Keyword:Detail=submarine,Keyword:Detail=military ties,Keyword:Detail=south china sea

    VIDEO: Tesla Model 3 orders power up

    Orders for Tesla's car aimed at the mass market soared in the first 24 hours, as CEO Elon Musk unveiled the much-anticipated electric car. Content:Type=News Business,Keyword:Detail=tesla,Keyword:Detail=model 3,Keyword:Detail=elon musk,Keyword:Detail=electric car,Keyword:Detail=chevrolet,Keyword:Detail=bolt ev

    VIDEO: Abbey Road studios brought back to life

    The Sessions, a musical re-staging of a time when The Beatles greatest hits were recorded at Abbey Road studios in London, takes the audience back to the place where it all started. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Keyword:Detail=the beatles,Keyword:Detail=the sessions muscial,Keyword:Detail=abbey road,Keyword:Detail=abbey road studios,Keyword:Detail=royal albert hall,Keyword:Detail=george martin,Keyword:Detail=fifth beatle

    VIDEO: Chihuahua on the loose on Bay Bridge

    California Highway Patrol rescues a runaway Chihuahua after a pursuit across San Francisco's Bay Bridge. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Americas,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=san francisco,Keyword:Detail=bay bridge,Keyword:Detail=chihuahua,Keyword:Detail=highway patrol,Keyword:Detail=search and rescue

    VIDEO: Be 'cremated' in China's death simulator

    People can soon pay for a chance to experience death, cremation and rebirth at a Shanghai attraction. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=death simulator,Keyword:Detail=shanghai,Keyword:Detail=life-or-death scenario,Keyword:Detail=death experience,Keyword:Detail=reborn,Keyword:Detail=cremation

    VIDEO: Hidden room behind King Tut's tomb?

    Archaeologists in Egypt await the preliminary results from scans of Tutankhamun's tomb, which may reveal two hidden rooms behind the boy king's burial chamber. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=king tut,Keyword:Detail=tutankhamun,Keyword:Detail=queen nefertiti,Keyword:Detail=egypt

    VIDEO: Batman v Superman a box office supervillain?

    Moviegoers were less interested in the action-filled superhero movie during its second weekend compared to its stellar debut, but Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice still dominated box office ticket sales. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Location:Region=Americas,Content:Category=Movies,Keyword:Detail=batman v superman,Keyword:Detail=ben affleck,Keyword:Detail=henry cavill,Keyword:Detail=box office,Keyword:Detail=usa

    VIDEO: iPhone SE and iPad Pro - What you need to know

    The iPhone SE and the 9.7 inch iPad Pro are the latest interations of Apples devices. The Straits Times Deputy Tech Editor Trevor Tan breaks down the improvements over their older models. Content:Type=Digital LIfe,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=Phone,Keyword:Detail=apple,Keyword:Detail=iphone se,Keyword:Detail=ipad pro,Keyword:Detail=trevor tan,Keyword:Detail=digital life,Keyword:Detail=the straits times

    VIDEO: North Korean leader to declare finance, nukes policy at party congress

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is poised to declare his signature ruling policy during a rare party congress in May. Despite tough new UN sanctions, it is likely to be the twin pursuit of nuclear prowess and economic development. North Korea's official media have carried almost-daily reports and commentary extolling the 'sacred road' to the day Kim's leadership will be endorsed at the 'victorious and glorious 7th party congress'. This week marks the half-way point in what state media describes as a 70-day 'top-speed dash to glorious victory', a campaign that calls for ramped-up productivity and a sprucing-up of the capital Pyongyang as it prepares to greet delegates. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Asia,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=north korea,Keyword:Detail=kim jong un,Keyword:Detail=party congress,Keyword:Detail=nuclear policy

    VIDEO: Guantanamo inmates headed to other countries

    On Wednesday, The Pentagon notified the US Congress that it intends to transfer about a dozen prisoners held at the Guantanamo military prison to at least two countries. This is the latest move in President Obama's mission to permanently close the facility, despite resistance from Congress. Currently some 91 prisoners are held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. According to an anonymous official, the first transfers will take place in the next few days and others will follow in the weeks to come. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Americas,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=barack obama,Keyword:Detail=guantanamo bay,Keyword:Detail=military prison,Keyword:Detail=cuba,Keyword:Detail=usa

    VIDEO: Turkey's tourism hit by terror

    The number of foreign visitors going to Turkey fell 10 per cent in February, the biggest drop in a decade, amid security concerns for a country feeling the spillover effects from the war in Syria. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=turkey,Keyword:Detail=tourism,Keyword:Detail=terrorism,Keyword:Detail=tourists,Keyword:Detail=islamic state,Keyword:Detail=isis,Keyword:Detail=is

    VIDEO: Trump policies loom over DC nuclear summit

    US Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump this week is doubling down on his criticism of US foreign policy in East Asia, calling for an overhaul as world leaders convene in Washington. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=republican presidential candidate,Keyword:Detail=donald trump,Keyword:Detail=us presidential candidate,Keyword:Detail=foreign policy,Keyword:Detail=north korea,Keyword:Detail=east asia,Keyword:Detail=japan ,Keyword:Detail=south korea,Keyword:Detail=nuclear weapons

    VIDEO: Myanmar president-elect sworn in

    The new president-elect is sworn into office in Myanmar, the first in 50 years without ties to the army. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=myanmar,Keyword:Detail=aung san suu kyi,Keyword:Detail=htin kyaw,Keyword:Detail=new president,Keyword:Detail=nld,Keyword:Detail=national league for democracy

    VIDEO: Elton John hit with sexual harassment lawsuit

    Elton John is sued by his former personal security guard for sexual harassment and battery. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Keyword:Detail=elton john,Keyword:Detail=sexual harassment,Keyword:Detail=lawsuit,Keyword:Detail=security guard,Keyword:Detail=jeffrey wenninger

    VIDEO: News In A Minute: Wednesday, March 30

    Today's top news headlines: A new OBS campus to occupy 10% of Coney Island, a man who printed fake barcode stickers is jailed 6 months, and local vegetation fires could have contributed to burning smell and haze. Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=obs,Keyword:Detail=outward bound school,Keyword:Detail=coney island,Keyword:Detail=zhang bobo,Keyword:Detail=fake barcodes,Keyword:Detail=national environment agency,Keyword:Detail=haze,Keyword:Detail=burning smell,Keyword:Detail=vegetation fire,Keyword:Detail=hotspots

    VIDEO: Trump campaign manager arrested, charged with battery of reporter

    Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is charged with battery after allegations that he forcefully grabbed a reporter at a campaign event. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=donald trump,Keyword:Detail=corey lewandowski,Keyword:Detail=reporter ,Keyword:Detail=michelle fields,Keyword:Detail=republican presidential candidate,Keyword:Detail=us presidential elections

    VIDEO: The campaign against IS as residents flee Mosul

    The Syrian government wants to use the recaptured city of Palmyra to launch operations against Islamic State strongholds further east, and residents fleeing Mosul tell stories of life under the militants. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=syria,Keyword:Detail=islamic state,Keyword:Detail=isis,Keyword:Detail=mosul

    VIDEO: Justice Department drops lawsuit against Apple

    The US Justice Department drops its legal case against Apple after it says it has successfully unlocked an encrypted iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=justice department,Keyword:Detail=apple,Keyword:Detail=san bernardino shooters

    VIDEO: EgyptAir hijacker surrenders

    A man has been arrested after allegedly hijacking an EgyptAir plane flying from Alexandria to Cairo and forcing it to land in Cyprus. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=egyptair,Keyword:Detail=hijacker

    VIDEO: Yahoo sets April deadline for bids

    Interested bidders have two weeks to submit offers for Yahoo's web business and Asian assets. This comes as the Internet company faces a proxy fight. Content:Type=News Business,Keyword:Detail=yahoo,Keyword:Detail=internet company,Keyword:Detail=verizon communications,Keyword:Detail=time inc,Keyword:Detail=microsoft

    VIDEO: Woody Allen to open 69th Cannes film festival

    Veteran filmmaker will premiere his new film Cafe Society, starring Kristen Stewart and set in 1930s Hollywood. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Keyword:Detail=woody allen,Keyword:Detail=cannes film festival,Keyword:Detail=cafe society

    VIDEO: News In A Minute: Tuesday, March 29

    Today's top news headlines: Commuters can now pay for public transport using smartphones, Ang Mo Kio lift malfunction due to faulty brakes, and Uniqlo will open their first global flagship store in Singapore. Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=news in a minute,Keyword:Detail=orchard central,Keyword:Detail=uniqlo,Keyword:Detail=smartphone,Keyword:Detail=nfc,Keyword:Detail=ang mo kio

    VIDEO: EgyptAir hijack: Most passengers freed

    Most passengers have been freed after a man hijacked an Egyptian plane from Alexandria and forced it to land in Cyprus. Content:Type=News World,Content:Category=General,Location:Region=Middle East,Keyword:Detail=egyptair,Keyword:Detail=hijack,Keyword:Detail=alexandria,Keyword:Detail=cyprus

    VIDEO: Beef slaughter ban hits Indian farmers

    A ban on sale of cattle for slaughter is threatening to push million of Indian farmers into extreme poverty. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Asia,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=india,Keyword:Detail=beef,Keyword:Detail=slaughter

    VIDEO: Obama says divisive election rhetoric 'corrodes' America's democracy

    US President Barack Obama sharply criticised divisive presidential campaign rhetoric, saying it is detached from 'reason and facts' and 'corrodes' America's democracy. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Americas,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=barack obama,Keyword:Detail=presidential elections,Keyword:Detail=democracy,Keyword:Detail=usa

    VIDEO: Taipei mob attacks suspect in child's beheading

    A man suspected of beheading a four-year-old girl in in an apparent random knife attack on the street is attacked by an angry mob while being brought into a police station. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Asia,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=taiwan,Keyword:Detail=taipei,Keyword:Detail=beheading,Keyword:Detail=knife attack

    VIDEO: Oculus Rift virtual reality now a reality

    Facebook's Oculus Rift began delivering its virtual reality headsets to consumers. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Americas,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=facebook,Keyword:Detail=oculus rift,Keyword:Detail=virtual reality

    VIDEO: Fried chicken is trending in South Korea

    A group of 4,500 Chinese tourists enjoy a fried chicken feast inspired by the popular Korean drama My Love from the Star. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Asia,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=south korea,Keyword:Detail=fried chicken,Keyword:Detail=tourists

    VIDEO: Justice Department drops lawsuit against Apple

    The US Justice Department drops its legal case against Apple after it says it has successfully unlocked an encrypted iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Americas,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=apple,Keyword:Detail=iphone,Keyword:Detail=san bernardino,Keyword:Detail=shooter

    VIDEO: Shots fired in US Capitol complex, gunman caught

    Police say a suspected gunman was wounded in a shooting on the US Capitol grounds and taken to the hospital. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Americas,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=capitol complex,Keyword:Detail=gunman,Keyword:Detail=usa

    VIDEO: Universal LA theme park hopes fans buy into new Harry Potter world

    Universal Studios Hollywood prepares to open its latest attraction, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Americas,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=los angeles,Keyword:Detail=universal studios hollywood,Keyword:Detail=harry potter,Keyword:Detail=theme park

    VIDEO: Robot greets travellers at Tokyo Airport

    A humanoid robot greets travellers at Tokyo's Narita International Airport and helps them with foreign exchange. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Asia,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=japan,Keyword:Detail=tokyo,Keyword:Detail=narita airport,Keyword:Detail=robot

    VIDEO: News In A Minute: Monday, March 28

    Today's top news headlines: Government teams will be studying the transformation of the economy, PM Lee meets Singaporeans living in the US, and Yang Kaiheng faces seven charges of sedition. Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=industry transformation programme,Keyword:Detail=new york city,Keyword:Detail=pm lee,Keyword:Detail=the real singapore,Keyword:Detail=yang kaiheng,Keyword:Detail=ai takagi

    VIDEO: PM Lee meets US-based Singaporeans

    Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong met about 400 Singaporeans living in the US during his week-long trip to New York and Washington. Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=prime minister,Keyword:Detail=lee hsien loong,Keyword:Detail=new york city

    VIDEO: Use 'weapons of love' to fight evil of terrorism, pope says on Easter

    Pope Francis urged the world in his Easter message on Sunday to use the 'weapons of love' to combat the evil of "blind and brutal violence", following Brussels attacks. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Europe,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=pope francis,Keyword:Detail=vatican city,Keyword:Detail=easter sunday

    VIDEO: Bernie Sanders wins big in the West

    Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders wins big in Alaska, Washington state and Hawaii in Saturday's voting. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Americas,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=bernie sanders,Keyword:Detail=democrat,Keyword:Detail=presidential election,Keyword:Detail=usa

    VIDEO: Rolling Stones play free concert in Havana

    Rock icons the Rolling Stones play a free outdoor concert in Havana for thousands of fans. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Location:Region=Americas,Content:Category=Music,Keyword:Detail=rolling stones,Keyword:Detail=havana,Keyword:Detail=cuba

    VIDEO: Kim Jong Un watches military drills

    North Korea's state media shows Kim Jong Un inspecting millitary drills in what it says is the North's largest ever exercise of long-range artillery training. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Asia,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=north korea,Keyword:Detail=kim jong un,Keyword:Detail=military drill