Revisiting Wuhan - vignettes from China's Covid-19 outbreak epicentre: askST@NLB Ep 1

  • 22 May 2020

askST@NLB Ep 1: Revisiting Wuhan - vignettes from China's Covid-19 outbreak epicentre 27:31 mins Synopsis: This is the first episode of the askST@NLB podcast series brought to you by the National Library Board. The monthly talks by The Straits Times correspondents were previously held at the Central Public Library but due to Covid-19 safe distancing measures, we are converting the sessions into a podcast series done remotely.  Listen to the correspondents you follow, more intimately, through our podcasts.   For this episode, The Straits Times' Foreign Editor Jeremy Au Yong hosts ST's China correspondent Elizabeth Law. They discuss the following points: 1. What Wuhan was like before the outbreak and how it has changed the city 2. The challenges in reporting on the ground in Wuhan 3. Has China returned to a state of normalcy? 4. What lessons can the Chinese experience offer Singapore? Selected readers' questions sent in ahead of podcast recording: 1. From reader Mr Yoong Keng Kai: What about other provinces in China (besides Wuhan)? What is the status of Covid-19 there now? 2. From reader Madam Goh Poh Gek: What is the new normal in Wuhan now, in areas such as the workplace and the community, at grocery stalls and malls? What do you see as the motivation for the locals there to self-regulate? Look out for the next episode of askST@NLB podcast series on June 5. Produced by: Elizabeth Law (, Jeremy Au Yong & Ernest Luis Follow Elizabeth Law on Twitter Follow Jeremy Au Yong on Twitter Edited by: Adam Azlee Discover The Straits Times Podcasts on: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: ST website: Feedback to: