S1E1: Hope for your disrupted supply chain: BT Podcast

  • 11 Aug 2022

Synopsis: The Business Times Podcast channel showcases niche series Money Hacks, Mark To Market and WealthBT, and sponsored series.

Given some analysts are saying that a ‘normal’ supply chain is unlikely for 2022, how can your small business build a resilient, diversified and green supply chain? Correspondent Howie Lim speaks to Christopher Ong, managing director, DHL Express Singapore to find out.

This episode is brought to you by DHL.

Highlights of the conversation:

01:01 Whether current disruption will get worse

04:02 Key pandemic takeaways from SMEs

06:42 Advice on building resilient, diversified supply chain

08:20 How SMEs can overcome limitations

12:32 Importance of sustainability initiatives

14:08 How to effectively incorporate initiatives

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