S1E123: Climate talent scout: Meet the investor backing cutting-edge green tech

  • 19 May 2024

Investors are on the hunt for companies that not only cut greenhouse gas emissions but also transform industry and society. 

Synopsis: Every first and third Sunday of the month, The Straits Times analyses the beat of the changing environment, from biodiversity conservation to climate change.

There’s growing investor interest in companies at the cutting edge of green tech innovation. Specifically, companies whose solutions aim to cut greenhouse gas emissions while helping industry wean itself off fossil fuels and switch to greener and cleaner materials. 

More than ever, green-tech investment is needed. Much of the energy we use to produce electricity, power our industries and our cars produces emissions that are heating up the planet. It's like we're stuck in a vicious cycle as climate impacts worsen. 

The good news is there are private companies working on solutions that can provide green power to industries, boost battery efficiency, even create a new type of leather from mycelium, or fungal fibres. The green solutions out there are growing quickly as more entrepreneurs move into this space.

To find out more about this, ST's climate change editor David Fogarty hosts Meghan Sharp, global head of Decarbonization Partners, a joint venture between Blackrock and Temasek that invests in private companies working on clean energy, electrification, green materials and the circular, digital economy. 

Highlights of conversation (click/tap above):

1:34 Tell us about your role and what you look for in green-tech companies. 

2:46  What is the investment focus of Decarbonization Partners?

7:13 Of all the available types of green technology, which ones excite you the most?

13:34 Which emerging technologies will attract the most investment in the coming decade?

15:34 And is investment in green technology growing or is there still a large gap?

17:35 “For great companies, there will always be funding.”

Produced by: David Fogarty (dfogarty@sph.com.sg), Ernest Luis & Hadyu Rahim

Edited by: Hadyu Rahim

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