S23 When Covid Strikes

  • 22 Apr 2022

The point of view (POV) of a young adults’ journey her life while adapting to the new changes during the Pandemic in Singapore. She realized that when covid happened, her daily life changed as it went by. She felt like it was hard to cope but being able to spend more quality time with her family members changed her perspective. During her journey, she learned to find positivity in the negativity. For example, instead of seeing putting on a mask and getting vaccinated as a hassle, she thought of it as a form to protect herself and her loved ones from getting infected. Some of us tend to be lazy to sanitize our hands or taking a bath when we arrive home (to be safe) There are also people who get annoyed to get vaccinated but it’s crucial to get vaccinated. Following those procedures would keep you and your friends and loved ones safe. She understands and cooperates with the life of the pandemic. She also realised how important her family is and started spending more time with them ever since the pandemic striked. Even with a crisis going on, she chose not to see her life in a complete negative perspective, but rather she stays positive and moves forward by creating more great memories to be cherished.